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Sports Chiropractor

Sports chiropractors are essential for keeping an athletes and sports teams healthy, pain free, and optimized for competition.  Chiropractic should be used by everyone, regardless of whether one plays sports or not, but it is even more crucial for an athlete due to the increased stress and force applied through the musculoskeletal system.  This is why many athletes are religious about spinal maintenance and why most major league teams in sports utilize at least one team based chiropractor. 
Sports Chiropractor In Overland Park and Lenexa
Our Overland Park and Lenexa chiropractic clinics are staffed with experienced chiropractors that have vast experience in sports related injuries and performance.  We utilize a diverse range of different hands-on techniques and state of the art tools and modalities to effectively return the athlete to competition and to enhance performance.
Treatment may include:
  • Car Accident Chiropractors
  • Car Accident Chiropractors
  • Car Accident Chiropractors
  • Car Accident Chiropractors
How Can Chiropractic Help?
Sports chiropractic works by effectively mobilizing range of motion in the spinal segments and creating optimization of the surrounding muscle tissue.  This allows the body to recovery more efficiently and to perform without aches, pains, or discomfort.  

Chiropractors are utilized by every team in the NFL among other major league sports and has been increasingly utilized by golfers, with many in the PGA having a personal Titleist Performance Institute traine chiropractor create better and more effective swings, and allowing more hip mobility through chiropractic adjustments.  Jordan Spieth has regularly credited his chiropractor for helping his game, with a famous mention after his green jacket win.
Sports Physicals
Have a young one getting ready for youth or high school sports?  We can provide your team sports physicals to ensure they are ready to compete!  Our chiropractors are licensed to perform the beginning of the season physical to make sure your child is approved to play.

Would you like more details or inquire about questions or cost?  Contact us today at our Overland Park, KS or Lenexa, KS locations!

Would I Benefit From Chiropractors Even If I'm Not In Pain?
Chiropractic is beneficial for every person with a spine.  This is because we all inflict stress and pressure on our spinal joints and discs and many do not do the things they need to counteract that stress.  This is why there are so many low back injuries and why the opioid epidemic has been created.  Chiropractors are specialists of the spine, musculature, and entire skeleton whether it be a knee or wrist.  Maintenance is ideal for everyone, creating better peformance in our bodies along with reducing the risk of injury.  Do you ever go to your dentist only when you have a cavity?  Or is it better to prevent major conditions and get a regular checkup.  This is the same philosophy with maintenance and performance chiropractic.