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Rib Pain Treatment

Rib Pain - Condition Overview
Rib pain is a common condition seen in our Overland Park and Lenexa chiropractic clinics.  Ribs can be injured during a variety of different activities with physical sports being one of the most common.  Any impact to the chest or back can create rib pain or knock a "rib out of place".  Besides sports activities, it is very common to injure a rib from consistent coughing, rotating and feeling a sharp pain near the ribs, or many other small lifts or movements.  There are many causes of this condition, so it is important to accurately diagnose that the pain is truly occurring at the rib, as there are many other important organs that refer pain to the chest and ribs.
Symptoms for rib pain can vary greatly and can occur anywhere from the spine along the rib all the way to the sternum.  These symptoms include:
  • Sharp or shooting pain along a rib
  • Pain, pressure, or pulling sensation with deep breathing
  • Pain with coughing and sneezing
  • Rotation in torso is difficult
  • Lifting objects or lifting arms overhead may be difficult and painful
  • Shooting pain that wraps around chest
  • Leaning to each side may be painful or relieving

It is very important to get an accurate diagnosis that the rib pain is truly musculoskeletal.  Our chiropractors are specifically trained in rib conditions and other underlying organic causes to rule out more serious conditions that can create rib-like pain.  Please call our Overland Park or Lenexa, KS chiropractic clinics if you suspect you are dealing with a possible rib condition.

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How Does Chiropractic Treat Rib Pain?
Our Overland Park and Lenexa chiropractors start with a comprehensive chiropractic examination utilizing a detailed history, extensive orthopedic and neurological examination and x-rays (if needed to rule out fracture). 
We use this data to develop a specific treatment plan as every patient may have a different underlying cause of the rib pain.  We can utilize a variety of different therapies (learn more under our treatments tab) to treat rib pain along with sending the patient home with tools in order to reduce the chances that the rib pain will return in the future.
Red Flags For Rib Pain!
If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, please seek medical attention immediately:
  1.  Shortness of breath
  2.  Excessive fatigue
  3.  Excessive sweating
  4.  Edema in the upper or lower limbs
  5.  Crushing sternum pain
  6.  Dizziness or nausea
It is very important to notice any red flags that may occur with rib pain or chest pain and to seek immediate medical attention.
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