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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Plantar Fasciitis - Condition Overview
Plantar fasciitis is a common condition seen in our chiropractic offices in Overland Park and Lenexa.  Foot pain can be debilitating and can affect many aspects of life so it is important to find the underlying cause of the pain.  There are many causes of foot pain that range from nerve impingement and joint pain to problems with the structure of the arches or ankles.  Plantar fasciitis typically causes pain near the heel of the foot and can band towards the toes in the arch of the foot.  It is typically a sharp or stabbing pain that occurs with pressure on the foot.  Plantar fasciitis is commonly misdiagnosed since it has similar symptoms as other conditions of the foot that are less common.  Chiropractors are trained extensively in locating not only the source of the pain but to finding the underlying cause of what created the pain condition, giving the chiropractic patient the relief but also providing tools to keep the pain away.
What Causes Plantar Fasciitis?
Plantar Fascia is a thick band of tissue that runs from the heel towards the toes.  This acts as a shock absorbing mechanism to decrease the force going through our ankle, legs, and hips.  With repetitive motions, heavy use or long times of standing, this can lead to inflammation of the plantar fascia tissue.  

There are many different causes of plantar fasciitis but it is most commonly seen in runners.  Excessive use of the arches contribute more wear and tear to the arches of the foot and make the plantar fascia more prone to injury.  Work activities of being on your feet all day, being overweight, or having poor arches in your foot can also contribute to developing this common condition.
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Other Common Foot Conditions:
Bone Spurs - These are commonly found underneath and slightly forward on the heel as well as the back of the heel that can create inflammation and pain

Nerve impingement - Many people are familiar with sciatica, but there are also other areas where nerves can become "pinched".  There are two common areas in the ankle that are prone to nerve impingement but many times the chiropractic patient will notice numbness or decreased sensation along with pain.

Pronation/Supination and High-Arch or Low-Arch - These can apply more stress onto different areas of the foot and can cause inflammation in the heel pad or on the metatarsals, or the bones near the base of the toes.
Common Symptoms:
  • Sharp or shooting pain
  • Pain at the bottom of the heel or banding towards toes
  • Moderate to severe pain when getting out of bed
  • Pain following standing after sitting for long periods
  • Increasing pain AFTER physical activity, not during.

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How Does Chiropractic Help Plantar Fasciitis?
People often think that chiropractic care is only for neck pain and low back pain.  This is a common misconception as chiropractors are trained in all musculoskeletal conditions and optimizing the body to perform.  Chiropractors are used in all NFL medical teams and most major league and collegiate teams utilize chiropractic services.  

Our Overland Park and Lenexa chiropractors utilize current and advanced plantar fascia treatments that may include: rehabilitation exercises, laser therapy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, acupuncture, mobilization of joints, orthotics, soft tissue and myofascial release techniques, and many other treatment options to not only reduce pain but correct the underlying problem to reduce the chances of re-injuring the area.
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