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Non-invasive Disc Herniation Treatment

Disc Herniation - Condition Overview
At Natural Way Chiropractic in Overland Park and Lenexa, KS, we see many disc pain conditions that walk through our doors.  One of those conditions that can be especially debilitating is a disc herniation.  Our vertebral discs are in between each vertebra to provide support with movement and resistance to compression in the spine.  It is made up of two layers, an inner layer that consists of a watery, jelly type substance and an outer layer that is more tough and fibrous that holds the jelly inside.  When someone herniates a disc, this means that the inside jelly has broken through the outer fibrous layer and is escaping the disc.  This will typically cause severe pain and other symptoms including shooting, radiating pain down an arm or leg along with numbness and potential weakness among other symptoms.  
How Does A Disc Herniation Happen?
There are many different causes of a disc herniation but most start with disc degeneration.  Spinal disc degeneration is a part of the aging process where we dry out as people as we get older.  When the outer strong, fibrous material in our discs dry out, they can crack.  Just like a roof leak, water will find its way through cracks and openings which is what the inner watery, jelly substance will do with excessive cracking of the outer layer of the disc.  

Things can obviously accelerate or make an eventual chiropractic patient prone to disc herniation.  These include traumatic impacts such as car accidents and falls along with family history of disc problems.
Our chiropractic patients often wonder if they did something wrong with lifting a heavy object or twisted to quickly which caused their condition.  This is most commonly just the last straw before the herniation occurred and there were most likely many different factors and things building up to this point.
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Common Disc Herniation Symptoms:
  • Acute severe pain in low back (most common site) or neck.
  • Radiating, shooting pain down an arm or leg
  • Numbness in parts of the arm/hands and legs/feet
  • Weakness in grip or difficulty lifting toes off ground or pushing down with toes when walking.
  • Difficulty with neck and low back range of motion
  • Pain with coughing, sneezing, or straining when voiding a bowel.
Disc Herniation Synonyms:
Many people refer to disc problems with different verbiage, such as:
  • Slipped Disc
  • Blown Disc
  • Bulging Disc
  • Disc Problem

To Diagnose Your Disc Herniation, Contact Our Overland Park or Lenexa Clinics
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What Are Shoulder Pain Treatment Options?
Non-invasive disc herniation treatment should be considered a first option.  There are many conservative chiropractic and alternative treatment techniques that can allow patients to get back to physical activity without pain and discomfort.  Our chiropractors start with a comprehensive examination to fully diagnose the underlying disc herniation and develop a treatment according to each individual patient.

Treatment options include:  Disc decompression, electrotherapy, chiropractic adjustments, among many others that we offer in our Overland Park and Lenexa, KS chiropractic clinics.
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