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Neck Pain – Diagnosis and Treatment

Neck Pain - Condition Overview
Neck pain is a common condition experienced by many people.  There are many different causes that lead to pain in the neck, or cervical spine.  These can range from occasional low level symptoms such as soreness or tightness to more severe conditions that can result in electrical pain and severe headaches.  It is important to have proper diagnosis of the underlying cause in order to get the proper treatment.  In our Overland Park and Lenexa clinics, our chiropractors provide specialized treatment for neck pain.  Most neck pain conditions can be treated conservatively with chiropractic care.
Symptoms and Causes of Neck Pain
  • Pinched Nerve - Nerve roots exit the side of the vertebra and extend down the neck and into the shoulder and arm. Nerves can be pinched anywhere along this pathway and with proper examination and orthopedic testing, the exact location of the pinched nerve can be located and treated.
  • Cervical Strain - Most cervical strains are the result of whiplash.  Car accidents, slip and falls, sports injuries, or just having a neck in an awkward position for a long period of time.  Minor strains can gradually feel better over time, but some result in recurrent or chronic pain.
  • Cervicalgia - This is a medical term for cervical pain.  It can occur through the various joints, ligaments, or muscles through the neck and is typically your generalized chronic neck pain condition that has multiple different contributors.
  • Facet Syndrome - This is a common neck pain condition that is commonly referred to as a "kink" in the neck.  It is when the joints on the back side of the spine are producing pain due to joint surface friction or irritation in the joint.
  • Disc Problems - This can generate localized pain in the neck, or more commonly pain that radiates away from the spine down the arms or into the mid back by the shoulder blade.  This can be due to family history of problems, wear and tear over time, or a significant trauma like a car accident.
  • Cervical Radiculopathy - This is the same as lumbar radiculopathy except it occurs in the neck near the spine.  Same as a pinched nerve expect it is more specific and occurs at the nerve root.  Radiating symptoms down the arm are common and it may cause numbness or tingling along the arm or hands.
  • HeadachesMany chiropractic patients do not know that chiropractors can treat certain types of headaches.  The most common is called cervicogenic headaches, or headaches generated from the cervical spine.  These are typically near the base of the skull and can band up and over the top or sides of the skull.  
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Neck Pain Prevention
As chiropractors, we specialize in not only the pain aspect of conditions but also how to keep the pain away.  We encourage and instruct patients on things they can do in order to prevent further damage or pain in the future.  We love seeing all of our chiropractic patients, but even more when they have been living a healthy and pain free life with more mobility and wellness.

We encourage all people with neck pain to seek a diagnosis and have proper specialized and conservative  treatment. Call our Overland Park, KS or Lenexa, KS chiropractic clinics to schedule today.
What Are Treatment Options?
Our Overland Park and Lenexa chiropractic clinics provide thorough examinations including consultation, history, orthopedic and neurologic examination, and x-rays (if needed) or other advanced imaging depending on what shows up during the examination.  This allows our chiropractors to locate the exact cause of the neck pain and the proper and current treatment protocols to reduce neck pain without the use of drugs or surgery.  

Besides chiropractic adjustments, we provide a variety of different ways to recover and have more information on our treatment methods under the treatments tab above.  
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