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Non-invasive Jaw Pain Chiropractor In Overland Park and Lenexa

Jaw Pain/TMJ Treatment in Overland Park and Lenexa
Our jaw pain chiropractors in Overland Park and Lenexa see patients regularly for TMJ pain and other facial and jaw related pain conditions.  Jaw pain and TMJ pain can be a debilitating problem that affects everyday life.  Our non-invasive chiropractic treatment is cost effective and efficient for patients with severe difficulty with chewing, opening the mouth, grinding overnight, and general pain near the jaw or head.  We utilize conservative treatment options that are advanced and effective to not only lessen pain, but correct the underlying cause of the condition.  Our chiropractors are trained in the temporomandibular joint and related conditions and utilize the latest tools and techniques to create an individualized treatment plan.  Read more about how our chiropractic clinics in Overland Park and Lenexa can help you on your journey to becoming pain free.
What Are Common Symptoms Of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ/TMD)?
  • Jaw pain that is located on the side of the face near the TMJ that may be localized in this area, or even extend into the temporal region of the head or down towards the chin
  • Inability or difficulty opening and widening the jaw
  • Pain with chewing, talking, or opening the mouth wide
  • Waking up with pain in the jaw or a previous history of grinding teeth
  • Headaches that are typically near the temples or back of the head
  • Clicking, popping, or abnormal movement of the TMJ
  • Alignment problems where the teeth are not coming together perfectly
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How Can Chiropractic Help My Jaw Pain?
Chiropractic care can be utilized for a non-invasive approach to correct the underlying factors creating the jaw pain.  Our doctors of chiropractic in Overland Park and Lenexa are specifically trained in conditions related the jaw.  We utilize a variety of techniques depending on the underlying cause of the jaw pain.  We start with an initial examination to take a history of the complaints the patient is dealing with and follow with a comprehensive examination so we can fully understand what is causing the TMJ condition.  We coordinate with other doctors and dentists to work as a team to fully correct the problem.  
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Does It Hurt?
This is one of the most common questions we receive from our chiropractic patients.  For those unfamiliar with chiropractic, the methods we use for jaw pain are commonly referred to as relieving and patients often mention increased mobility in the jaw and neck following treatment.  

We always discuss the treatment plan and treatment options during the first visit to answer any questions you may have regarding what the experience may be like.  We can also answer any questions by phone if you call the clinic.
Contact either of our Overland Park and Lenexa chiropractic clinics today and we can answer any questions you have regarding your jaw pain condition.