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Golfer’s Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis)

Golfer's Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis) - Condition Overview
Golfer's elbow is a common condition in golfing that our Overland Park and Lenexa chiropractors see on a regular basis.  This elbow pain condition can be seen in many other sports and activities besides golf as well.  This inflammatory condition is typically felt on the inside of the elbow and is due to overuse and repetitive movements stressing the tendons attached to the medial epicondyle.  This is a similar pain to the more common Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis).  This elbow pain condition can be felt into the forearm and wrist as well as on the inside of the elbow.  Golfer's elbow can create lasting problems in not only your golf game, but other aspects of life as well.  Chronic pain, reduced range of motion of the elbow, or muscle contractions making it difficult and painful to move the elbow can occur.  
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Golfer's Elbow:  Symptoms
  • Pain: Acute pain or gradually increasing pain near the inside of the elbow can occur and may or may not extend down into the arm and hand.
  • Grip Weakness: Trouble with holding onto objects or gripping a golf club. This may occur due to nerve impingement or significant damage to the tendons near the elbow.
  • Pins & Needles or Numbness: The ulnar nerve passes through the inner elbow and can become impinged creating hand sensations or numbness.
  • Contractures: Significant damage or contraction of the tendons can make it difficult to straighten the elbow.
  • Reduced Range of Motion:  Similar to contractures, muscle tightness and pain can make it difficult to perform most elbow range of motions.
Who Is Likely To Get Golfer's Elbow?
As it's name implies, golfer's elbow is common in golfing with most common occurrence in the dominant arm.  Though in golf it is common, it can also occur in other sport activities including weight lifting, racquetball sports and even tennis following repetitive forehand hits.  Daily activities impacted that are not sport related include gardening, housework, hammering nails, using a screwdriver, and other repetitive movements that are regular for over 2 hours per day typically.  

If you believe you have Golfer's Elbow, it is important to consult a doctor of chiropractic for a thorough evaluation to determine if it is truly this elbow pain condition or one of the several that it can mimic.
What Else Could It Be?
  • Stress Fracture or Avulsion Fracture
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Radial Tunnel Syndrome
  • Entraped Nerve (Mononeuropathy)
  • Arthritis - Either osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sprain or Strain
What Does Chiropractic Treatment For Golfer's Elbow Look Like?
First, it is important to properly diagnose the condition to ensure successful treatment.  Our Overland Park and Lenexa chiropractors have extensive knowledge of elbow conditions and other related arm pain conditions to make a accurate diagnosis of your condition.  We perform a thorough examination and history along with proper diagnostic testing to expediently get you on your way to feeling better.
Both of our chiropractic clinics utilize advanced treatment techniques designed to reduce pain, stabilize the elbow, and reduce chances of it returning through our chiropractic treatment protocols.  These may include a variety of different treatment methods including myofascial release, chiropractic adjustments, exercise rehabilitation, muscle release techniques, cold laser therapy, electrotherapy, and icing modalities.

If you have any questions regarding your condition, possible treatment techniques, or to schedule your examination today, please contact our offices at the button below.
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