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While once thought of as “quack” medicine, recent studies indicate that electricity truly can be used as a safe and effective means of treating both acute and pain. At Natural Way Chiropractic, we offer electrotherapies in Overland Park and the surrounding areas in addition to our traditional chiropractic care offerings. We offer these services as part of our on-going commitment to provide our patients with as many options for managing and reducing pain as possible.

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What is Electrotherapy?

Electrotherapy, otherwise known as electrical stimulation, is a superb therapeutic procedure that has been used for a long time.  Evidence shows that it has been used even in the Ancient Rome era.  It is currently used by many health professions for a variety of reasons.  Pain relief, tissue rehabilitation, improvement in blood flow and range of motion are just a few of the reasons it can be used.

How Does It Work?

Science has proven many times over that electrotherapy is effective in the treatment of pain, but it still remains somewhat unclear exactly how electrotherapy works. Research shows that electrical stimulation causes the body to produce feel-good hormones known as endorphins that act as natural painkillers. However, electrotherapy may also work by blocking pain signals along the nerves. Electrotherapy works by applying electric stimulation to the nerves and muscles through adhesive pads placed on the skin. At Natural Way Chiropractic, we offer a few electrotherapy options: •Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, also known as TENS •GS, or Galvanic Stimulation •Interferential Current, or IFC

What Conditions Does It Benefit?

We recommend TENS therapy for most of our chronic pain patients. Both TENS and IFC units work in similar ways by delivering alternating current to the nerves and muscles. IFC is basically a more powerful version of TENS. Galvanic Stimulation therapy uses direct current as opposed to alternating current. This treatment is more commonly used in the treatment of acute injuries. Direct current alters blood flow, making this type of electrotherapy appropriate for people who have suffered severe injuries that involve swelling or bleeding. Whether you are struggling with an acute injury or chronic pain, electrotherapy may provide the relief you need.